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Due to changes across the world over the last 3 years it is now incredibly time consuming to keep a website secure from hack attempts.
The reason? robbing a bank is to hard and you have to actually go there, with cyber crime you attack millions of websites all at once over and over again until the safe opens whilst you are asleep in some other country.
Spam is not annoying, its dangerous, its just 1 process in the overall scheme and the hacker does can ( doesn’t need to care) if you are a dubbo dentist or the ANZ bank as eventually they’ll make a strike in the middle which will pay out.
The problem is they cause devastation wherever the go and it takes as much time and skill to protect a site with 5 pages as it does with 100 pages and then it just goes up from there on the level of potential loss you would suffer, literally millions of dollars per year for a bank are spent on protection systems.