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As mentioned Google is making this change and thus we have to follow with upgrading of your website.

The change involves adding “SSL” to your site (  secure sockets layer ), easiest understood by the little lock symbol you see when online shopping.

up till now if you were not taking credits online via your website you didn’t need it, the massive increase in online random hacking has bought about google insisting on a new level of security for all websites and this is just the start.

This level does not stop hackers, it simply is 1 part of a bigger picture that google can monitor.

So today as a stop gap we need to instigate this protocol so your visitors feel say as there is going to be a warning placed on your URL if its not completed.

And it will be the first thing your visitor sees. click here to see an example live: https://www.dubbodentist.com.au/

This is a “server” install so its not possible to have you do it yourself, on top of that there are extra software that now needs to be added to your site to make it all work and then if there is any failures they will have to be manually changed.

I think most sites will cost $99 to update and I expect it to be a one off fee not a yearly fee.

Once this is completed it will need to be backed up with a security package to help prevent hacking, these require frequent updating as new hacks appear