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Email Setup

All email programs need 7 things when used directly from website ( not via gmail etc)

  • Username: This is your FULL email address eg: tim@whitecollarwebsites.com.au
  • Password: This will be given to you ( do not loose it)
  • Incoming POP3 mail / IMAP: This is your domain name ONLY eg: whitecollarwebsites.com.au , NOTHING before it like mail. , pop.
  • Outgoing SMTP: This is your ISP ( internet service provider ) eg: mail.bigpond.com , ask them or check the settings of another email address you have thats working.
  • Port: We do not use port
  • “leave copy on server”: This is normally in advanced settings, it controls how long emails stay on the server, if using only 1 device to access emails then set it to ” do not leave copy….” if you are using 2 or more eg laptop and phone then set it to 7 days, that will allow both to download the emails.
  • Security login: There is often a tick box that says “check security/password at server” , this is not needed so make sure it is not ticked otherwise the setup will not work.

There are generally 3 problems:

  1. Passwords are forgotten and you change computer, it crashes, you get a new phone. For security reasons we do not store passwords, neither on the server or in our computers, which means passwords need to be reset, a fee applies for a password reset.
  2. Email copies are left on the server permanently and the mailbox fills up, this is a lengthy task to clean out the mailbox OR the mailbox needs to be totally deleted and reset. A fee applies for cleanup.
  3. Setup is halted by the security box. As there are so many different devices and softwares it is impossible to know them all, but google or youtube will so we suggest a search for a tutorial with images, search the term ” setup email on……..your device, your software version ” and that should have a result. A fee applies to research and do it for you.

Setting up a Gmail ( or other )diversion of email:

Unfortunately google has a habit of changing its setup criteria OFTEN, thus we do not keep up and suggest you use google help in your email account or youtube for a tutorial.

Once you stop using email directly and reroute it via Gmail you add in another set of potential problems so we advise against it.

Setting up email on an Apple computer/device:

As with Gmail Apple have a tendency to complicate email setup every version the produce, combine that with various software like outlook or safari mail and the variations create problems, once again we suggest looking for a youtube tutorial.